7 Factors that influence poor school performance

7 Factors that influence poor school performance

These are the 7 factors that influence poor school performance

All the teachers have in class one or more students who have low school performance, this problem translates into poor grades, this represents stress and frustration for the student, and concern for parents and teachers.

The low school performance can be present in any academic stage: primary, secondary and university, the causes of low school performance are diverse, but as teachers we can contribute to the improvement of our students.

Here we present the 7 most common factors of poor school performance

1. Attention Deficit

The attention deficit is one of the factors of poor school performance, students who suffer from this problem have difficulty concentrating in class, for this reason they do not retain information and as a result their grades are very low, this is where the questions of parents Does my child really attend class? It seems ironic, but it is logical, children with attention deficit go to school but do not learn even 10% of what they should.


2. Personal problems

Another factor that influences the low school performance, are personal problems, the student may suffer depression, stress, anxiety, worry, or may even be going through problems of school bullying, these factors prevent the one from fulfilling his or her tasks, not Pay attention to the class and finally take low grades.

3. Bad or poor teaching by the teacher

A bad methodology, a monotonous, boring and little didactic teaching, could be the cause for the low school performance of the students, however, this is only considered when the affected students are more than 60%.

4. Bad influences

It can happen that the student is very responsible, applied and intelligent and still begin to lower his average and have a poor school performance, this is due to bad together, bad influences: peers and friends that negatively influence him, causing his notes decay.

5. Hyperactivity

The hyperactivity in the students, generates this problem of the low school performance, because as in the attention deficit, the students do not pay attention to class, they learn very little or nothing and that is reflected in the exams.

6. Lack of adaptation

This factor in the low school performance, applies to those students who have been transferred from other schools, it is normal that the new student takes a little time to adapt and may in the first weeks get low grades, however this problem will be solved by if only by passing the time.

7. Nervousness or fear in the exams

The nerves often play a bad move and makes the student “blank” and “forget everything” in full exam, resulting in poor school performance, if your student only gets bad grades in exams, consider evaluate it in another way, only if it is a student with nervousness problems.

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