About us?

Web Director: Renzo Mendez


www.teacher.tecnicasparadocentes.com is an online guide, where we provide various pedagogical strategies directed exclusively to teachers / teachers, including the initial level, primary, secondary, and university, in order to help them progress professionally and personally.

This team is integrated by 4 professionals, with more than 7 years of work experience.

Richard León (Master of Psychology, Specialist in Educational Psychology).


Sonia Durand (Specialist in Social Psychology).


William Mamani (Bachelor of Early Education – Specialist in Early Stimulation).


Renzo Méndez (Bachelor of Science in Education, Master in Education with a major in Education Management).


The contents of the topics we offer are based on many years of study and experience solving problems with thousands of students with various academic, social and psychological problems.


We guarantee you that by applying the techniques we provide, the problems in class and with your students will improve until you achieve a favorable climate for you and your students.


Our slogan: “A great team of experts working every day to provide you with the best techniques, strategies, tips and tips so that you can better staff and work, you are not alone!”.