The 7 Best Educational Web Pages

Web pages of Education. These are the 7 Best Pages educational websites.

Techniques for Teachers is one of the best Web Pages of Education, which have emerged in this year 2017. We also have the job of finding and researching other Education Web Pages that have more time online. And they offer very interesting contents. These are the 7 Best Educational Web Pages.


1. Ministry of Education and Universities

Government of the Canary Islands is one of the Education Web Pages, where various information is provided, on various categories. Among them: Infant, Primary, Compulsory Secondary, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training, Artistic Activities, Languages, Sports and Adult Education.

This education website. It is characterized by having one of the best categories regarding the Ministry of Education and Universities. In addition, it also has interesting Services, News, Featured Content and News Portal.

2. Education Portal

Portal of Education of the Junta de Castilla y León is the second of the Education Web Pages with the highest demand and ranked the most on the web. In this portal, we will find categories like. Teaching staff, Internal Teaching Staff, Scholarships, Grants and Grants. It also contains a very good News section.

3. Education Ministry

In the third place of Educational Web Pages. We find all those of the Education Ministry, corresponding to the different countries. Below we present you Some:

Mexico SEDUC
Colombia Ministry of National Education

4. Special Education

Special Education, in the fourth position of Web Pages of Education, in this web we can obtain subjects on. News, Legislation, Courses and Conferences, Aids and Books on Disability


5. Preschool Education

Techniques for Teachers- PRE-SCHOOL SECTION is one of the few Web Pages of Education, where exclusive topics are offered for the degree of Preschool Education. Also among the most common topics are.

Reading activities for Preschool
Literacy problems in preschool children What is the reason?
How to maintain discipline in the preschool classroom


6. Online Education

In the section of Web Pages of Online Education, we have COURSERA. It is a virtual platform, indexed with many prestigious universities. He was born in 2011 created by Academics of Stanford University. With the aim of providing massive offers of education.


7. Social education

And finally in the position 7, but not less important of the Educational Web Pages. We have EDUSO. A Portal Oriented to Social Education. And in this portal, we will also find many categories, such as announcements, job offers, News, and on this website, we will also find archives, magazines and a Library.

This was the top 7 of the best Education Web Pages.

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