How to do Respect in the Classroom

How to do Respect in the Classroom

These Tips help you to respect your students

To be respected in the classroom is a problem that in recent years has been increasing, nowadays students driven by bad habits. They have adopted attitudes that were previously not allowed, which is why many teachers face this evil day by day.

Who likes to be respected? To all, it is true, to be respected is a characteristic that all human beings wish to possess. However there are two types of respect, most people usually have only the first. Emphasizing also that there are citizens who do not have any

Types of respect

Innate Respect: This respect is possessed by all human beings at birth, attributed to people who “Do not harm others.” Anyone can have it, that is why students should also be respected, because they are human beings.


Respect Acquired: This is the most difficult to obtain, this respect is only obtained by those people who “Do good to others”. Those who help others, although in recent years has been misinterpreted. This respect gives society to those men who have a quality of “Help”. That is why doctors, professors, engineers and any other professional are highly respected, since the objective goal of any professional or technical career is “Contributing to Humanity”


If as a teacher you want to win from focusing on the second. How can we achieve acquired respect?

4 Tips to be enforced in the classroom

Teach by example

To be enforced in the classroom one of the best methods that works is the example. If you want your students to respect you, respect them too. Not only to them, but also to your colleagues, administrators, directors and even the cleaning staff. Only by respecting others can you demand that they respect you. Remember that the congruence between what you say and do is a pattern that plays a very important role when demanding respect.


Win Authority

The Authority is a very powerful weapon. The authority must possess all teachers to be enforced in the classroom. Let us emphasize that the authority should not be confused with the “Fear”. Authoring is to make your students respect you without the need to resort to shouting, threats, blackmail, etc.

How to gain authority in the classroom?

If you are worried because you think you do not have enough authority in your classroom, in TecnicasParaTecentes we have developed an article 10 infallible tips. That when you apply it will help you a lot, you can review it by clicking on:



Complete your Words

To be respected in the classroom it is important that there is a congruence between what is said and done. If you promised your students to give them 5 more minutes of Brake, give them to them. If they agreed in class that the exam would start at 8:00 a.m., even if there are only 5 students, take that exam. It may seem extreme. But years of experience have taught me that adding value to the word is a very important factor for students to respect the teacher. Have the test and true that is true, tell your students that on a specific date you will take an oral exam. Suppose at 7:45 a.m., suppose that only at that time is present half of the room. Take the test anyway, the other group that did not arrive on time, will surely claim you. But you must explain that you were clear with the time. I assure you that, for the next exam, 10 minutes before the indicated time, everyone will be present.

Knowledge of Quality

To be enforced in the classroom, a very important characteristic is “knowing”. The students see in the teacher a figure from which they will learn a lot. For the student there is no one better and more specialist than their teachers, unless you prove otherwise.

It is important that your intellectual level goes hand in hand with the development and advancement of new discoveries and sciences. That is why it is very important that you ACTUALIZE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, many teachers, keep what they learned in the University. This is a fatal error, science advances, new knowledge reappears, and although it sounds painful. The knowledge of 5 years ago is almost no use for those of today.

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