How to treat learning problems in adolescents

How to treat learning problems in adolescents

Learn to deal with the most common Learning Problems in Adolescents

Learning problems are present throughout the academic stage, but there are some specific ones that appear with greater force in adolescence.

It is necessary that as teachers we are prepared to be able to help our students when these difficulties arise.

This is the most common learning problem in adolescents, know what are the causes of this problem and what to do to solve it

Learning problems in adolescents – Attention deficit

This difficulty occurs with greater force in childhood and adolescence, it is one of the learning problems that teenagers demand more time, effort and patience to solve. The attention deficit is characterized by the lack of permanent concentration, that is, the student who suffers from this disorder in the beginning may pay attention but after a few minutes it will have completely deconcentrated, this results in little or no retention of information, poor school performance and consequently low grades.

What is the attention deficit in adolescents?

We must emphasize that the causes of attention deficit in children is very different from that of adolescents, usually in infants the attention deficit is caused by environmental distractions, physiological and psychological problems, in adolescents the attention problems must be In this age, there is a hormonal alteration that considerably affects school performance, boys and girls at this age, begin to build their personal style and therefore reject the impositions of the parents and they begin to question them, and if the dad tells him to go to school and get good grades, he will immediately ask the Why? And you will have to find a good reason to obey. At this age young men and women go to class many times due to obligation and while teachers are talking about science and mathematics, they are thinking about the boy they like, how to erase a boil that is barely noticeable, why are they studying, what clothes will they wear at the next party, etc.

How to solve the attention deficit in adolescents?

To solve this problem it is important in the first instance to set the example and motivate the students to study, in important the congruence with what the teacher says and does, because if you preach the importance of studying to get a job that you like and without However, it shows the opposite, that is to say that you really go to class to fulfill, then the student will feel cheated and cheated,

Remember that this age teenagers are very susceptible. Adolescents want to be always in places where there are people who are like them or at least understand them and not judge them, here comes the importance of the courses of tutoring and motivational psychology, which in many schools are “basurea”, tutoring classes they are the best way to approach students and tell them that we not only understand what they are going through, but we are also there to help them.

In addition to the attention deficit, there are also other learning problems less common in adolescents, such as dyslexia and literacy problems.

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