Literacy Activities for Secondary

Literacy Activities for Secondary

4 Excellent Literacy Activities for Secondary Students

Literacy is a methodological technique, it is an activity composed of texts, images and didactic exercises that complement the students’ learning.

A literacy activity is a good way to get the attention of students and ensures an increase in learning.

Here we present 4 literacy activities for Secondary students.


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Read the following text and solve the activities.

The anorexia

Anorexia is a disorder of neurotic origin, which is characterized by total or partial rejection of food, it is also considered a psychological disease since the victim has wrong thoughts about food, the most common are: “food is bad “” Food is fattening “, these thoughts are due to negative experiences of the past. Let’s see an example.

Daniela is a 15-year-old lady and is in third year of high school, she has always had a weight appropriate to her age and height, Daniela measures 1.58 and weighs 55 kilos, she is not skinny but she is not fat either, she is completely healthy and her weight does not represent a problem, one day his mother told him he would change her school, Daniela excited was on her first day of class, however when she reached the door of the room, she found two girls her age, who had a peculiarity: they were very skinny, weighed approximately 47 kilos, Daniela wanted to enter the room but these ladies did not allow it, insulted her with very offensive words: “Gorda” “Cerda” “Puerca” “cocksucker”, etc. That day was for Daniela the beginning of a life of suffering and pain, she became another victim of Anorexia.

Just like Daniela, day after day many young women feel dissatisfied with their bodies, television, movies, magazines and other media constantly show perfect figures that are impossible to reach without surgical intervention. Let us be conscious, let us love and value ourselves.

Yes to life

If to healthy bodies

No to death

No to sick bodies


Solve the following pupiletras
Match the following images with the word you consider correct
Answer the following questions
Write a synonym and an antonym for each of the following words
Write a comment of 10 lines about the text read.

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