Literacy problems in primary school children – 4 Reasons

Literacy problems in primary school children – 4 Reasons

4 factors that intervene in literacy problems in elementary school children

Literacy: reading and writing are the most basic and important learning of the academic stage, is the basis for acquiring other new knowledge, so it is very important that teachers focus in the first instance to teach reading and writing correctly.

In primary school it is very common for teachers to observe this type of problem in our students, but we rarely know what the causes are. Why do literacy problems originate in elementary school children? How can we help?

These are the 4 main causes of reading and writing problems in primary school children:

Primary school children do not have reading habits.

In primary school it is important that children are taught the habit of reading, at this age children begin to build values ​​bases that will be the support for adolescence, it is important to emphasize the discipline of reading, this is achieve with motivation, motivate them to read topics of interest; Fable stories, etc.

Primary school children do not have the habit of writing.

As happens with reading, in primary school children are learning to write correctly, but this process can be somewhat tedious, this happens because children get tired quickly and do not yet have a good pencil handling technique, children At age they also get bored when the teacher uses a monotonous methodology where he only dictates and the student has to write many times without understanding what is recorded in his notebook, that is why the teacher is encouraged to encourage his students to write texts that are of his interest, ask for example to write about your weekend, about your family, pet, etc.

Dyslexia problems

Dyslexia is a learning disability that is characterized by confusing and altering the letters, syllables and words of a text, this problem can be presented by any child at any age, but while it is detected earlier it is much better, there are multisensory treatments that help to children with this problem. If you discover that a child in your class has this problem, contact your parents and suggest that they take you to special classes to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Attention deficit disorder

The problems of literacy in primary school children are caused mostly by attention deficit, a child who is unable to maintain attention in reading will be unable to understand it.

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