6 Tips to Help a Hyperactive Student

6 Tips to Help a Hyperactive Student

How to help a hyperactive child in class. In tecnicasparadocentes.com We give you 6 infallible tips to solve this problem

All teachers have at least a couple of hyperactive students in class, above all Pre-School and Primary, this situation is normal, because Hyperactivity is a problem that affects 10% of the child population.

Hyperactivity is often accompanied by attention deficit, hyperactive children are characterized by being restless, conflictive, impulsive and very difficult to control.

We present 6 tips to Help a Hyperactive Student:

1. Use simple language

Hyperactive children have a hard time understanding, a way to help a hyperactive student is using an easily understandable language, as simple as possible so that he or she can capture and above all retain information. He also avoids giving extensive information, uses images and videos to improve his understanding.

2. Avoid having them sitting for a long time

To help a hyperactive student, avoid sitting for a long time, this is easily achievable, it is not necessary to give a lot of time to break or break, simply assign tasks that keep moving, for example distribute the copies, pick up the tasks, etc.

3.Conversation with their parents

If you want to help a hyperactive student it is necessary that you have a permanent communication with your parents, basically for two reasons, first to keep abreast of the child’s behavior at home and at school and thus create a Parent-Teacher feedback to evaluate the progress of the minor, and second to create in the student a feeling of authority over him, so that he knows that there are older people who want to educate him and teach him new behaviors.

4. Set clear rules

Establish rules and rules of coexistence serves a lot to help a hyperactive student, when we establish rules we stop the freedom that hyperactive children have to do what they want, it can happen that the student does not respect them to a great extent, but we will have the option of calling him the attention for not paying attention.

5. Avoid manipulations

Do not let it manipulate you, if you want to help a hyperactive student correct him, let him know that what he does is not good, teachers often after stress and the fatigue of dealing with hyperactive students day after day, we fall into the manipulations of These children, who often know how to convince their court, it is necessary that you gain authority in the classroom, to avoid this type of inconvenience.

6. Eliminate the distractors

It may seem obvious but you need to consider this point, if you want to help a hyperactive student and you want to avoid being distracted, then remove the distractors like open doors or windows without curtains.

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