9 Tips for maintain the attention of children in Class

9 Tips for maintain the attention of children in Class

Apply these 9 Tips to capture and maintain the attention of children in class

Attracting attention is a difficult task, but keeping the Children’s Attention in Class is even more complicated, especially in the Pre-School and Initial Stage, at age 3 to 6 years old children are in the “discovery” stage , so it is very tedious to pay attention to only one person, object, figure, etc.

Children who have this problem, are characterized by lowering their attention rate in certain circumstances, this is mainly caused by monotonous and boring classes, for this reason it is necessary that the teacher is dynamic in all their classes.

If you are a Pre-School or Initial Teacher, here are 9 Tips to help you Capture and Keep Children’s attention throughout the class.

Dynamics and games for elementary school children

If you want to get the attention of the children, you have to do it from the first moment, start for example, telling that you did the weekend and then ask a random student to do it too, you can do this with three or four children.

Videos for kids

Videos are a good option to capture and maintain the attention of children in class, but beware of abusing the duration of these! , try not to last more than 5 minutes, also worry about using a sound equipment in good condition, and make sure that the volume reaches everyone, also takes care of the lighting, when projecting a video also avoids having open sales, the projected light in the movie it could be uncomfortable for children.

Use images

Reinforce your class with images of example, to keep the attention of children avoid explaining yourself (a) the photographs, better leave that task to them or analyze it with you, ask for their opinions about it.

Ask questions constantly

It is one of the methods that works best, if you want to keep the attention of children in class, you must keep active with the questions, try to be random, so you will plant a doubt in the student: Next time I Will you ask me?

Encourage team work

Teamwork is a good technique for the integration of students, but we advise you to develop in the classroom, so you can perform a proper monitoring of the work of each member.

Avoid homework

The homework is often the relief of students, since they will have more time to do it, however many times the students leave the tasks for last hour, a task presented the following week does not assure you if the student paid attention in class.

Leave homework for the same day

It is the best option to keep the attention of the children in class, the tasks to solve in the classroom have a limited time, the student will do his best to finish it, you can consider the group or individual option, in both cases consider a limit of appropriate time.

Look constantly at your students

The look in the eyes is a strong connection tool, transmits the idea of ​​”we are connected right now”, the opposite happens when the teacher is limited to explain and even worse to look away, never look away if you want the attention of the children in class.

End your class with a dynamic

At the end of your class, make a revision review, ask some questions to a couple of students and discuss what the next class will be about.

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