Dynamics for children to silence in class

Dynamics for children to silence in class

These dynamics will help you to make children quiet in class

It is normal for children to be restless, make noise and behave in an extroverted way, at this age they are in the “Game” stage, so these behaviors are not worrisome.

In this opportunity we are going to give you some dynamics that you as an initial or first teacher can use to control the bustle in the classroom. However there are places where these attitudes should not be allowed and it is necessary that the child learn from a young age “the rules”, these places are for example: the church, the school, museums, etc, for that reason we must educate the children so that they learn to remain quiet in the moments that are required.

4 dynamics for children to silence in class

Dynamics 1

This dynamic is very good for children to silence in class, it is applied a lot in the preschool and initial classrooms in Latin American schools, it works very well and the children like it a lot.


Song: “The owl”

The owl

The owl

Does Shhh

Does Shhh

All quiet

All Calladitos

Does Shhh


You can accompany this song with some images like these, that can be stuck somewhere in the part of the classroom, so whenever you want to sing this song, you can point to the owl.


Dynamics 2

This is another very good song for children to silence

A pericotito

A pericotito

The little boy talks a lot

The little one was very excited

I do not want to be a pericotito

I do not want to be a pericotito

I stay calm

I stay silent



Dynamics 3

This third dynamic for children make silence is a short story, you can tell at the time of entry or when they are making noise.

There was once an ant, who cried a lot because she wanted to go to school and her ant mother did not leave her because she was still very young, when the ant turned 5 years old, she was very happy to the little school, she had many little ant but they did a lot bulla and had bad grades, as the little ant was very good, I teach her little friends antigue to keep quiet. How do I teach him? The little ant looked at her little friend and said: Shh, Shh. Shh the class is very entertaining.

Ask your children to do the same.


Dynamics 4

This fourth is a strategy for children to silence, it is “a punishment”, you have to print this banner that we attach here below, try to be of an appropriate size.

This dynamic is to put the banner on one side of the floor and every time a child makes a noise, you will send it to the place of the “Children who make noise”. This dynamic works very well, try it!

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