How to Earn Respect for Preschool Students

How to Earn the Respect of Preschool Students

Apply These 4 techniques

Making preschool students respect you is not a very difficult task. Children at this age are very likely to have a very great appreciation from the first days, and as a result they respect you. Especially if you show jovial, cheerful and understanding with them.

Many of the teachers often confuse the restlessness and hyperactive attitude of the students with a lack of respect. However, these attitudes are normal at this age, and we must understand that they do not do it on purpose, or with bad intentions. Faced with this situation what we can do is educate them and establish certain standards. So that from an early age they learn to behave in a certain way in specific situations and places.

4 Infallible Techniques to Earn the Respect of Preschool Students

1.Not scream

The raising of the voice, could not be effective for Preschool students, at this age the great majority of children are very sensitive. This action could scare them to depress them and fill them with sadness, which would generate a serious problem with the parents. The first recommendation for this reason is: Do not shout.

If you are calm with them, they will feel loved. They will enter in confidence and will be motivated to obey what you ask and collaborate in whatever is necessary. However, it is not recommended to be too accessible, everything in excess is bad.


2. Be Affective with them.

For preschool students, you are like a second parent, so that they feel confident and can ignore you. Transmit to them that feeling of appreciation, love and affection, this is the sum of the best ways to win over children, there is nothing pleasant to have the love of these little ones.


3. Be fair

If you want your preschool students to respect you, you should try to be fair to everyone. Injustice could trigger feelings of jealousy, envy and resentment among peers, just as it happens in homes. When parents make preference with one of their children. So you must avoid injustice at all times. All students are equal, whether it is the director’s son or a relative of yours, in class they all have the same value.

4. Respect them

Finally, you can not ask your Preschool students to respect you if you do not start by respecting them, teach by example, answer them, pay attention to them, answer their questions, do not exclude any, etc.


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