How to teach children with learning difficulties

How to teach children with learning difficulties

Apply these 3 strategies in class to teach children with learning difficulties

The learning difficulties are present throughout the academic stage, however it appears with greater force in the childhood stage and adolescence. A child with learning difficulties is one who does not retain information, does not understand quickly and also can not maintain concentration for a long time, if we put these problems together, we will result in low grades, child frustration, disappointment and concern of parents and teachers .

Techniques for Teachers Presents: 3 strategies to teach children with learning difficulties

Strategies to teach children with learning difficulties.


Dynamics and group work

When you have one or more children with learning difficulties, it is advisable to group them with students who have greater ability to learn, this in order to achieve mutual support among them, in group work it is necessary that all students work equitably , as a teacher, you must monitor that the groups are working correctly and the students are supporting each other. It is common that when we do this type of group work, each team always has a leader or boss, who usually is the student who has greater ease of expression, is more responsible and sometimes the smarter, this is great! , because that leader will feel the responsibility of all his team going ahead and without the need of you to tell him, he will help voluntarily that child with learning difficulties, for that reason it is so important to build leaders.


Use mnemonics

Children with learning difficulties have a hard time “remembering”, they do not retain information, it is difficult for them to carry so many data of different subjects that do not really interest them, this you can check if you ask for example about the names of people your favorite series, sure you will know by heart the more than 20 or 30 names, then let’s use that particularity that child has to remember only topics that interest him, for example if he is a soccer lover and you want to teach him the organs of the body: “Cristiano Ronaldo Patea Excelente” – “Heart, Kidney, Lungs, Stomach”.


Use graphics

Using images and short videos is the most common way to teach children with learning difficulties, this methodology is used to capture and maintain their attention, however, the excess of these resources is not good either because they could play against you.

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