How to Teach Preschool Children’s Vowels – Fun!

How to Teach Preschool Children’s Vowels

If you are a Preschool teacher. Surely you know that The Vocal is one of the first topics that are played in this grade. It is the first step for a child to learn to read and write. But How to Teach Children of Preschool Members? We will use some techniques to facilitate the learning of the Vowels to our children. We will also give you some Activities to Strengthen the Vowels, techniques so that the children can not only learn but also avoid that they forget quickly. In addition we will share with you a material of Interactive Vocals for Preschool Children, Images of the Vowels for Preschool Children. And the best story to teach the vowels.

How to Teach Preschool Children Vowels?

In order to teach the vowels in a correct and effective way, it is advisable to use very didactic methodologies. “Teach as playing”. One of the techniques that work in the retention of content in children under 5 years, is through the Association.


How to Teach Preschool Children Vowels? -Technique of the Association

Children love to associate things, they associate everything. How many times have you heard a child say: “That man looks like Barney ..”, “That boy has hair like Goku ..”, “That lady talks like Peppa Pig”. It sounds very funny and many times we punish these actions, because we understand that it is not right. And although that lady really speaks like Peppa Pig, we know we can not say it, because it would sound offensive. But in children it does not happen that way. Children do not do it as an offensive means, it is their own to associate things.


So we are going to use this quality in response to How to Teach Preschool Children’s Vowels?

Next we are going to give you some activities to carry out this technique.

  • You can use the names of the children’s cartoons.
  • Another option is also feasible to use objects of nature.
  • “A”: Apple
  • “E”: Egg
  • “I”: Icicle
  • “O”: Octopus
  • “U”: Umbrella

    Activities to strengthen the vowels

It is important that after going through the theoretical part, you also do the practical part: Activities to strengthen the members.

First Activity to Strengthen the Vowels:

  • Divide the blackboard into 2 parts, you can also use some cardboard.
  • In part 1 you will paste some Figures of which we mentioned in the previous section.
  • In part 2, paste the vowels, try not to have many. 5 of each, is fine.
  • Start by pasting the first figure in part 1. Example: Broom.
  • Ask a child to come forward, he has to choose the correct vowel of part 2 and paste it next to the object.
  • You can perform this activity in groups or individually.

Second Activity to Strengthen the Members:

This second activity to Strengthen the Vowels is to perform a written test. As a personal evaluation, you can perform this activity at the end of the session. It uses a coherent criterion and without many complications. Ask clear questions, with examples that have been seen in class.

  • Join each image with the respective vowel.
  • Paint those images that start with the vowel “E”
  • Circle the images that start with the vowel “O” in a circle

Interactive Vocals for Preschool Children

The Interactive Vocals for Preschool Children serve to decorate the room, help to reinforce the theme and the students are easier to remember. Plan to include Interactive Vocals for Preschool Children as decoration in the classroom.

You can buy prints, download some of the Web. A more fun idea would be to print black and white examples of Interactive Vocals for Preschool Children. And let the children themselves paint the material.

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