Parent Workshop on Parenting Guidelines

Parent Workshop on Parenting Guidelines, We present an excellent example.

Holding a workshop for parents is necessary in all schools. These workshops serve to integrate and help parents in the training of their youngest children. The topics to be played in these workshops are diverse. All have a single purpose, all seek a good over minors.

The frequency of a workshop for parents is approximately 1 or 2 times a month, and can be done in many ways. Much will depend on the educational institution. In Latin America for example: these workshops are not valued, and they are carried out very rarely, with few specialists and 50% of the parents do not attend. This is because we still can not understand the great importance of this type of events.

What is the purpose of holding a workshop for parents?

The objective to hold a workshop for parents is to help them, teach them, inform them and give them new strategies to improve the Parent-Child relationship. These workshops are very important because the home has a great influence on the school performance of students.

Good Climate in the Home + Good Climate in the School = Optimal Academic Performance

In a workshop for parents of diverse family are treated, one of them are “The Guidelines of Crianza”, is one of the subjects with greater demand in the schools, has a great value on the parents. It is very helpful provided that you have the right specialists and the participation and availability of most procreators.

In Techniques for Teachers, we have developed a fairly simple example of a workshop for parents, focused on the topic of “Parenting Guidelines”.

Sample Workshop for Parents on Parenting Guidelines

This workshop on Parenting Guidelines will be divided into 5 parts:

1.Introduction and / or Presentation

2.Exhibition of Themes

3Questions and answers

4. Dynamics

5. Commitments


Development of the Workshop for Parents on Parenting Guidelines



In this section, the specialists will be introduced, or the speakers, each one will say his name, his position, experience and the contribution that he will offer in the talk.

Example: “Good evening with everyone, my name is Renzo Mendez, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Sciences. Master in Education with a major in Education Management, I have more than 7 years of work experience resolving conflicts between students, parents and teachers. In this opportunity I am going to offer you the best parenting guidelines from home to solve academic problems of your youngest children. ”


You can also plan a presentation of the parents. Where each one says his name, the grade in which his son is and why he attended this talk.

Example: “Good afternoon, my name is María Pérez. I am a mother of two children, one in the Second of Primary and the other in Sixth of Primary. I am in this workshop because I am interested in learning strategies that allow me to improve the upbringing of my children. Because I love them very much and I want the best for them.

Informative flyers can be distributed, where the programming of all the themes is arranged chronologically, this to give a greater orientation to those present. Likewise it can be accompanied with some snacks such as drinks and rolls, that is to the pleasure of the Institution.


In this part of the workshop, the explanation of the topics will begin. It is very important to follow the order if the chronological programming was started at the beginning.

Some ideas of the topics that can be played in this workshop are the following, remember that it is important the presence of specialists in the subject. This will give greater confidence to the attendees.

In this workshop on Parenting Guidelines, the following topics will be presented:

1. Tips for correcting children

2. Learn to negotiate with children

3. Help a child who has depressive problems

4. Support children in school



In this third section of the Parent Workshop on Parenting Guidelines, parents are encouraged to participate, they can do so anonymously or publicly.

If it is anonymously, some leaflets should be distributed before starting the development of the workshop. In them each father will put his question without the need to put his name. When the time comes to answer them. Everyone will leave their paper in a box and the specialists will proceed to answer them.

If done publicly it is more feasible, since a feedback is generated. In other words, the father who asks a question will have the opportunity to make a second and a third.



There will be a dynamic on Parenting Guidelines, they can be done in many ways, and the ideas are many, here we leave you some:

-Personification on Parenting Guidelines (Attendees will perform a theater, acquiring different roles, for example: one will be the father and two will be the children.)

-Recommended errors. After these talks, parents are motivated and are able to open up and recognize their faults. One dynamic to apply this is for each parent to write on the blackboard a parenting error that they have made in the past. It can be done anonymously or publicly.



In this last section of the workshop for parents on Parenting Guidelines. We will engage parents to acquire new habits and strategies for the upbringing of their children. If the speakers did a good job, this last step will be very simple. Thus each parent will be able to publicly commit to change and / or improve any error that has been committed.

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