Reading activities for Preschool

Reading activities for Preschool

We present you the best reading activities for Preschool

Reading in Preschool and Initial is important; however, we can not recharge children with too many complex words and terms, as preschool teachers have to go little by little, so that they can learn as easily as possible.

In preschool, with regard to reading, children are prepared so that when they reach the initial level, they have a base and can learn to read more quickly, which is why it is of the utmost importance that children go through this stage.

First reading activity for Preschool


Bubu is a very nice baby

He drinks bubu plays with the ball

Bubu has a boat

He drinks bubu wears boots

Bubu bathes in the bathtub

Bubu’s mom kisses him

Second reading activity for Preschool


The cucu horse is pretty

The cucu horse has a house

The cucu horse is colored

The cucu horse sleeps in his bed

The cucu horse has a castle

Third reading activity for Preschool


I play with my dice

My die is nice

He drinks with my dice

I have two dice

Mama gave me a die

My dice is in my house

Fourth reading activity for Preschool


The seal eats strawberry

The seal is happy

The seal sleeps in a box

The seal eats fruits

The seal comes flan

Fifth reading activity for Preschool


The cat plays with him baby

The cat wears boots

The cat is pretty

The cat is happy

The cat sleeps in a box

The cat eats fruits

Sixth reading activity for Preschool


The turkey is very happy

Papa feeds the turkey

Happy turkey wears boots

The turkey sleeps standing

Happy turkey wearing tie

Seventh reading activity for Preschool


The monkey memo plays with his dice

The monkey memo is happy

The baby plays with the monkey memo

The monkey memo uses boots

The monkey memo bathes in his house

The monkey memo uses tie and eats banana

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