Problems of Reading and Writing in Adolescents

Problems of Reading and Writing in Adolescents

Do you know what are the problems of reading and writing in teenagers?

In adolescence many learning problems often occur, this has to be considered very common, at this age young men and women go through a long change; physical and emotional changes, which have a great impact on all aspects of their lives, it is common in schools to see how that student, who is applied and responsible, suddenly drops their grades, arrives late for classes and is also irresponsible. This is worrying for parents and teachers, since the continuity of these behaviors could put in risk the future of these adolescents, for that reason we must take action, parents and teachers to try to solve these problems.

The problems of reading and writing in adolescents arise for several reasons, then we will name the most common.

The teenager does not have a reading habit:

Young people at this age want to do everything, except read, their minds are occupied in so many other things; the music, the friends, the parties, etc., and completely neglect the studies, to many it is enough and too much to just attend class. This situation is even more complicated when teachers give them boring reprints with more than 100 pages, naively believing that they will read them when they arrive at their homes. False!

What can we do as teachers?

Motivate them, motivation is the key to take action, the student does not want to read even a whole sheet of pure letters size 10, and on top of topics that occurred cycles ago, that may not interest him in the least and just see it will bore, however if you present for example, the history of rock in Peru, with an appropriate font size and an image of a rock idol, surely will finish all the reading, that’s called motivation and that’s what it’s about, encourage reading to the adolescent, this does not mean that they will spend it reading that kind of stories in class, but once young men and women make reading a habit, they will be very easy to read any other text.

The teenager does not have the habit of writing

It happens the same as in reading, although at this point we can rescue that at this age young people prefer to write than read, but the problem is that nowadays writing has become so easy, it is enough to have a mid-range cell phone to write , and if something is clear is that the paper and the pencil are already behind, however education does not advance and does not join technology, adolescents do it and this is how there is a marked incongruence between what is taught In class and what is practiced abroad, writing on a computer at this age represents a problem, due to the famous “self-correcting words” that apparently facilitates adolescents, allowing them to write in any way and be automatically corrected by a computerized system , however, few know that the “self-correcting words” was created due to the problems that arose when typing fast and constantly making mistakes, for pretending to press a button, with the yolk of a finger that is 5 times larger, that is the true purpose of this tool.

What can we do as teachers?

If there is something that the corrective self can not do up to now, it is the coherence in the writing, the order of the elements in a sentence, the order of ideas in a paragraph, a comment with misspellings can be corrected in Word, but the wrong approach to ideas in the comment will continue, so focus your attention on teaching those things, teach them to express themselves correctly, to write well you have to speak well.

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