Strategies for group control in Secondary

Strategies for group control in Secondary

Strategies for group control in Secondary

These 3 strategies will help you in the group control of Secondary

The Secondary is composed of young ladies and teenagers, perhaps that is why they consider Secondary classrooms as the most problematic and uncontrollable, because Adolescence is one of the most difficult stages of the human being, and this is where the changes and problems more difficult.

The group control in Secondary rests in the hand of the teacher, and it is he who must deal with all the daily problems, try to solve them and above all do not lose your temper.

We present 3 Strategies for group control in Secondary


1. Authority

The Authority is the fundamental factor for group control in Secondary, having authority is going to make it much easier for you as a teacher, to stop gaining authority you must first understand the meaning of this word and how it is applied in a classroom.


To have authority is not to impart fear, the teacher who has authority in the classroom, is the one who has the ability to be respected by the students, without the need to sow fear, threats, etc., when a teacher has authority in his class, get great benefits:

-Students concentrated in class

-Aula no bustle

-Responsibility on the part of students

-Non aggression between classmates

Do you realize how great is the importance of authority in class?


If you think you need to gain authority, do not worry, we leave you this post that will help you.

Tips to gain authority in the classroom.

2. Do not punish them

In order to have control of a group in Secondary, we have to understand that adolescents do not learn with prohibitions, adolescents are not afraid of punishment, if as a secondary teacher you start to prohibit things, or punish them, the only thing you will get are more rebellious students, the ideology of a teenager is “I do what they tell me not to do, and if they forbid me I do it twice and punish me, I keep doing what they do not want me to do” Why it happens this? This question is asked by all parents and teachers.


Answer to Why do teenagers not obey my orders?


Why do they want to build their own identity, and as a consequence they reject everything that adults say, because they want to experience and know “what happens if I do what they do not want me to do”, this does not mean that they are going to happen so all life, only until they reach sufficient maturity, does not mean that we should tolerate all their actions.

So: What should we do as teachers?

We have to motivate them, for example if you want the students to fulfill their tasks, do not ask yourself: What punishment do I give them if they do not do the tasks ?, better ask yourself: In what way do you motivate them to fulfill their tasks? .



This is an important point in group control in Secondary, do not punish them, motivate them.

Here are some ideas of how you can motivate your students to be responsible, calm, etc.

If you want to know more about these 4 motivation points, all the information is in


– Give the example.

-Press challenges.

– Give measured confidence, that they feel they can trust you, but without overcoming.

-Organizes walks without parents.

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