Teacher’s Role to Prevent Bullying

Teacher’s Role to Prevent Bullying

Role of the Teacher to Prevent Bullying What role does the teacher have in this problem? How can a teacher prevent bullying in class? Does professional ethics play an important role?

Bullying is a problem that has been increasing in recent years, if we go to google search, in the news section and enter the phrase “School Bullying”, these will be the surprising results.

Teacher's Role to Prevent Bullying
Teacher’s Role to Prevent Bullying

In the news section of Google about “School Bullying” we get 30,000,000 (thirty million results) These figures are surprising. Can you imagine how many children are harassed daily in the schools? How many of them commit suicide? How many of them are silent for fear of worse aggression?

If we go to the “Images” section, the photographs are very impressive. It is clear that this problem is real, it is present everywhere. Bullying does not respect social class, Bull ying is not a problem of the lower class No! Bullying is a problem of the highest percentage of schools.

If you are a teacher, you should know what is the role of the teacher in the classroom. Also you have to know that this bad can be in your class, maybe you have not noticed, or maybe you do, but you think it is a “Children’s Game”, that “It does not matter”, Alert Teacher !, in Your hands are to prevent a suicide, an assault, a murder and other worse matters.

The teacher of today and the Bullying- Role of the Teacher to Prevent Bullying

The role of the teacher today, is not the same as decades ago, years ago the teacher had the power to correct the student as it seemed best, before the teacher could use force to correct a student. And the parents said absolutely nothing. It is more they were the ones who gave the teacher absolute power over the punishment of their children. In those times, there was a very common phrase. The letter with blood enters.
In contrast today, things have changed, new rules have emerged. It seems that the state worldwide, decided to change the treatment towards children and students. And implemented NEW REGULATIONS OF GOOD TREATMENT, student rights and punishments for teachers who fail to comply. Therefore, today’s teacher has to adapt to the new system. He has to implement new methods to prevent Violence in class and avoid bullying.

Advice for the Teacher of today.

-Speak, never scream.

-Do not use physical force

-Increate respect



Role of the Teacher in Initial Education in Bullying

The role of the teacher in the education system is generally one for all. However, it depends on the degree of education of the students, some important measures must be taken.

The initial level teacher has to consider some important aspects to prevent bullying in his class. For example, initial children are very sensitive when they are treated loudly or their voices are raised. If an initial child assaults his partner, it is best to talk to his parents. Initial children have great regard for their parents. This does not happen with teenagers. They usually in adolescence are against their parents. While a child will listen to his father who says: Do not hit your classmates. If the father of a teenager says this to his son, he will take more rebellion.

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