Tutoring Topics for University – 5 Very Interesting Topics

Tutoring topics for University

The activities developed within the time of tutoring are of great importance, especially in the stage of Adolescence and although many institutions do not take it into account. It is important that as a University professor we dedicate some hours of our time to carry out these activities with our students.

What is a Tutor?

To the majority of teachers, we have been assigned at some point the name of “Degree Tutor”. The tutor is the person in charge of a Hall, able to lend interests to the problems that arise in class and at the same time to guide their students in various age-specific problems.

The tutor does not have to be a psychologist specialist in any important subject. The position of tutor can be acquired by any teacher. Basically the only thing you need is to have experience in problems experienced in your youth, and the availability to provide advice to your students, this is enough to guide the students in a great way.

It is important to emphasize that the tutor does not replace a psychologist. If one of your class has a very serious problem it is very important to drive it with a specialist.

What is tutoring?

In the academic stage. Tutoring is a service provided to all students in order to help in their academic training, social and integral development.

The tutoring should not be classified as “overtime”, on the contrary, its importance should be recognized and taken seriously.

Although the hours of tutoring are established in most schools, institutions and universities. Many teachers do not perform this work correctly. If you are Tutor of a Cycle in the University, we present you 5 topics that are of interest to all University students.

1. Labor Offers

Many of the students who study a professional career do so to later find a good job with a good remuneration.

Others have the desire to have their own business and be their own boss.

It is important that you support both cases. At the same time, many students do not know the range of job opportunities they can obtain at the end of their career.

Generally, a university career, has many branches and many labor niches, fields that many students are unaware of.

If your student wants to study a career and then become his own boss, he is a young entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is to support him.

2.Precocious Pregnancy

Premature pregnancy is a situation that has been increasing in recent years. Early pregnancy is present in a large percentage of schools and universities. This problem is alien to the social, economic, race, etc. level. Pregnancy in adolescents and young women exists and should not go unnoticed. As a tutor (a) it is necessary that you touch with great responsibility and commitment this topic. And it’s so broad that you can divide it into several sessions.

The abortion

Contraceptive methods

Sexually transmitted diseases


3. Student Exchange Programs Abroad

This subject is not well known, almost is not spoken in the Universities, it seems that the option of studying in another country is not very considered. Could it be that the students do not even know that they can make an exchange abroad? While it is true that all universities do not have this option, there are many that do. And if it is your case, it is your job as a teacher, to inform your students. Many doubts arise regarding this matter, many students have to attend expensive seminars where they are given the information that you as a teacher can give them. If you do not have complete knowledge about the exchange programs abroad at your University. Ask the managers or managers to provide this information.

4. University Exchanges Programs

The University Exchanges programs are more accessible, these are given in the same country and almost all universities have this option. But even so, few students do it because, as in the previous case, they do not have the necessary information. Many even think that they will lose much of the academic cycle along with their credits, and if so, it would be a waste of time.

5. Change of University Career

With just a couple of years teaching at University, you as a teacher surely already know a lot about this topic. In one year he sees Juan López studying hard in the Faculty of Medicine, and the following year, Juan López himself queuing in the Admission for Law and Political Science. Has it happened? Surely, and more than once.

This issue is so common in universities, that teachers seem to have already resigned and we have classified this problem as “something normal”, as they are adolescents and young people, we assume they are undecided, immature and change their minds at every moment. . Is that the real problem? If you ask these students, why this change. The answers you will get will be as follows.

…It was not what I expected

… I thought they would teach me other subjects

… I thought the race was oriented to another aspect.

Many of the students do not have the complete and necessary information regarding the career to which they apply. It is not uncommon for many to enter Systems Engineering thinking that they would be taught computer science or Sociology believing that they did not carry statistics. If you want to touch this topic in the hours of tutoring, it is convenient that you apply it in the first cycles, it is those students who need the most information. Prepare a class with many facts, myths and truths about the professional career of the room.

If this information helped you, share it with more colleagues and help us reach more people. Likewise we would like to know your opinion, doubt or suggestion. Write us in the “Comments” section, we will be very happy to read and answer you.

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