What to do the first day of classes as a Teacher of Initial

What to do the first day of classes as a Teacher of Initial

Being a teacher of initial is a somewhat complicated work and really needs a lot of vocation, handling children of 3,4 and 5 years is not easy but it is one of the most enjoyable experiences as a teacher.

The first day of school is the first teacher-student interaction, so we all want to start on the right foot. What should we do that day?

If you are an initial teacher, we leave you 3 ideas for your first day of classes:


1.Fotochecks of identification.

If you already have a list with the names of your initial group, you can make creative fotocheck with the name of each child and the classroom to which it belongs. Why do this? Photocheck or ID cards have a very important and valuable purpose: Integration and feeling of belonging, of belonging to a group, that is the reason why all organizations and companies use ID badges.


If you still do not have an exact list of students, it is better to take the blank cards and fill them in the classroom. Take some spare, to prevent any child is excluded.

Here are some examples of cards, where you only have to write the name of the child. (You can download the complete package at the end of the page, it’s free).









2. Dynamic

Another good idea to do the first day of classes as an Initial Teacher is to interact with the students and have them interact with each other, apply dynamics to get to know each other, for example you can print little signs with simple questions, like these. This dynamic consists of laying all the children in a round shape, putting the cards face down and then a child will take a primer, you will read it and the child will have to answer and so on.





3.Establish rules

Setting rules to follow is one of the most important activities and you can not let it go by. This task must be done on the first day of classes, it is very important that children learn to be disciplined from a young age, ask them each to propose a norm of coexistence, so the class will be more enjoyable.


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Tell us What other activities do you do on the first day of class as an initial teacher?

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