Why be a teacher? The best reflection of an Educator

Being a teacher is not easy, but it is certainly a pleasant profession, it is a job that is not done by anyone, you have to have the vocation and courage to be a teacher and not die trying.
Do you want to be a teacher? Have you been told to choose a more serious profession? Your vocation is to teach but society does not want you to be a teacher?

Be a teacher by yourself and only by yourself.

• If you want to help, teachers are willing to help our students whenever it is necessary, it is not enough to dictate a class, to be a teacher goes beyond that, it means being an unconditional support, being there, when they need us, listening to them When they want to tell us something, help them when they do not understand a topic.

• If you want to teach, and it does not mean filling the board with information, teaching wants to be willing for the other to learn, in this sense, the teachers have the objective that the student can understand all the knowledge, it is not enough to give concepts, that could be done by anyone, teachers constantly have to innovate to find new methodologies that allow the student to learn more effectively.

• If you want to learn, this is it, you will learn a lot from your students, they will teach you to control your genius, you will learn to recognize when they are sad, when something happens to them, you will learn that teachers are often the second parents.

• If you want to be useful to society, if you are willing to give before receiving, many times you will give everything for your students and no thanks will tell you, but in the end you will know that you did a good job, you were able to train a Being human, decent, decent and with a lot of attitude.

• If you are brave enough to take such a big responsibility, it is not easy to be a teacher, sometimes parents will go against you, they will tell you not to get involved in their children’s education because that is what they are for, and then they will contradictorily claim you for that your children are badly educated, they will tell you that at school you teach them nothing.

• If you are willing to receive an unconditional love, even if you consider yourself a cold person, if you are a primary or initial teacher, the love you will receive will be unconditional, your children will love you and you will not be able to avoid it, so if you do not They like children, they are career is not for you.

• If you like to read, it is not enough to study five years in the University, reading has to be a habit, being informed does not have to be an option, you have to understand that times advance very fast, and knowledge goes becoming obsolete over time, your obligation is to be constantly preparing.

• If you know how to control your character, it is not like at home, with children, you can not shout at students, let alone put your hands on them, today there are many laws that protect students, and although it seems exaggerated, you will have to respect be normative if you do not want to have problems.

• If you do not get bored answer the same questions many times, as the years go by, you will gain experience, and you will always have to answer the same questions, you will have to do it with a lot of patience and without getting angry.

• If you are able to keep your image and reputation intact, it is the most important, you will have to understand that behind you, there are people who follow what you do, you have to be consistent with what you teach in class, your image has to be impeccable, you have to take care of walking in trouble and gossip.

• But above all, be a teacher if and only if you are sure it is your vocation.