Workshop for Parents of Adolescents

Workshop for Parents of Adolescents

We present a very good example of school for parents

Holding a workshop for parents of teenagers, sounds complicated. The stage of Adolescence is one of the most difficult of all being human. Therefore parents and teachers have a hard time dealing with the problems of adolescents.

That is why it is so important to carry out this type of workshops. In addition, the parents of adolescents encounter various problems that often seem to have no solution. The same happens to teachers who also share a lot of time with them. It is precisely here that the mission and importance of holding a Workshop for Parents of Adolescents is born.

What topics can be played in a Workshop for Parents of Adolescents?

In a Workshop for Parents of Adolescents, many topics can be touched, some very relevant, others with less relevance and some that almost go unnoticed. But what really matters when choosing the topics for the workshop is that as a teacher you analyze which are the most common conflicts that teenagers live in your school.

Some common examples:

-Depression in Adolescents

-Rebellious Teenagers

-Low academic performance in Adolescents

-Enimation in Adolescence

Workshops for parents and children

Should children attend this Parent-Teacher Workshop?

In the case of adolescents, it is recommended that they do not attend these workshops, the presence of children works very well in the pre-school and primary stage, but in secondary school it can mean problems, adolescents may feel offended, make disturbances, not pay attention and even worse to distract the audience, so that the citation goes exclusively to parents.

What should be the duration of the Workshop for Parents of Adolescents?

The duration of a workshop for parents of teenagers, will have an average duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes, and a maximum of 2 hours, also in this time should be planned the 5 important points to conduct a workshop, including (introduction, development of topics, questions, dynamics and commitments)


What specialists can be invited for a Workshop for Parents of Adolescents?

It is very important that this workshop is developed with people who are specialists in these topics, thus generating greater confidence to the attendees.


The most common specialists in these events are:

– Educational Psychologists

-Social Psychologists

-Social workers


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